Pruning Butterfly Bushes for Better Growth

I have a question about my butterfly bush. I read about not pruning it until early spring, and then I hear about pruning it on the ground again in winter. What is the best Approach? Do butterfly bushes need to be pruned every year and is it too after? We cut our bushes last year and they were beautiful, but it took forever for them to grow back to big. I want you to fill an area in our garden and know how best to maintain it.

As for your butterfly bush (Buddlia), you can safely prune it every time, as long as the end of winter passes in early spring. However, avoid pruning at the beginning of winter. The reason is that the stems are hollow, and any water that accumulates in the stem and then freezes causes the wood to split. That’s not a good Thing. Butterfly flower on new wood as long as you have a lot of sunshine, you get a lot of flowers all summer by pruning in spring.

Butterfly bushes do not need to be pruned every year. In fact, you only have to prune them if they become too large for the allocated space. But since butterfly bushes bloom only on onew growth, many gardeners strongly prune them every spring to promote a lot of new growth and a lot of flowers.

You can prune this shrub to twelve or twenty-four inches tall. For most Plants, this is a drastic Reduction. But these plants can not only withstand it, they are often better off. This way you keep some of the growth from last year that fills this area of your garden faster and provides you with a lot of flowers. Regularly remove worn flowers in the summer to promote additional new growth and subsequent blooms until frost.

If you have already started leafing, you can still cut them, but if you prune under new shoots, it will take much longer to fill it this year. Fertilizing in March or April and again in June or July will help stimulate growth. I suggest a generous Portion of compost or all-purpose organic fertilizer. If you tend to use synthetics, a tablespoon 10-10-10 is suitable for each foot height. Sprinkle around the Shrub up to the drip line, but no more.

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