All About Christmas Tree Traditions

Did you know that the tradition of Christmas trees dates back to West Germany in the 16th century? They were called “Trees of Paradise” and were used to celebrate the annual feast of Adam and Eve on December 24.

As early as the 7th century, legend has it that a German monk used the triangular shape of the fir to describe the Holy Trinity. The German people began to worship the fir and became a symbol of Christianity. They actually hung upside down on the ceiling as a sign of Christianity. (See the “Side note” below for an interesting follow-up)

Fir trees were first introduced to America by German immigrants around 1700 and became popular around the 1850s. President Franklin Pierce is credited as having the first White House Christmas tree in 1856 for a group of Washington Sunday school children. Calvin Coolidge started the National Christmas tree Lighting Ceremony in 1923. The first batch of Christmas Trees was founded in 1851 in New York. Today, Americans buy about 30 million Christmas trees a year.

Side note:

The old custom of ” hanging Christmas trees upside down” has resurfaced as a fashion for the Christmas season of 2005. Several major retailers, including Target, carried Christmas trees “upside down,”. Sales were fast and many retailers sold. Fortunately, this fashion was short-lived, and the traditional tree (on the right) was king. However, a new way has made waves a season. The “all black” tree was all the rage in some trendy houses and companies in the country. What will be the next step ?

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